Myths & Majesty (Updated 6-3-2023)

back myths and magic smWe have finished two very different prototypes for Myths & Majesty (previously, Myths & Magic), a fantasy card game. Making your own deck can be a good way to play the game, but it is not a “deck building game” at this point insofar as you make the game before the game begins. It’s enough cards to be a trading card game, but it will probably be released as a cube that can be used to make decks or run deck construction events, such as draft or “sealed” events. The main inspiration of the game is to have four very different win conditions — it is a game almost entirely based on “alternate win conditions.” Each color focuses on certain types of win conditions, such as controlling enough characters (mainly for red). The default win condition is to cause opponents to have zero cards in their draw pile. If anyone runs out of cards in their draw pile, they lose the game. That is the main focus of purple cards. We hope the game will have different settings — different editions can each have a different setting. The first edition of the game will be inspired by the King Arthur stories.
The first version of the game has some amount of combat built into the game, and it has swift cards, which can be played at any time, even during the turn of an opponent. The second version of the game is greatly simplified, and that is the one we think is the most promising at this point. However, both versions of the game are untested. We are focuses on the second version in this post.
The card back was designed by Krystyna Nowek. The card frames were designed by Teresa Guido. back myths and magic
More information and cards for Myths & Magic can be found here.

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