Lady of the Lake Special Edition Bonus Options

One incentive to support our Lady of the Lake Kickstarter Campaign is to get the Special Edition. Some of the funding will be used to develop the Special Edition, and it is a reward option for $5. That version is similar to the regular game, but it has bonus options.

Our funding is getting close to the initial goal of $200, so we are working on the Special Edition now. The bonus options are only used for the regular play through rather than when using New Game Plus. How the bonus options work can be seen in the video below. 

The Special Edition is a Kickstarter reward for $5. If it is officially released outside of Kickstarter, it will likely be $7, and it won’t be released for at least a year after the rewards are distributed.

What are the Bonus Options?

  1. Change difficulty: There is an option to play the game in Hard Mode with stronger enemies. (New Game Plus must be played with Hard mode.)
  2. Monster ally: You can choose a monster ally to start the game with. You can recruit the rat right away anyway, so it is not one of the options. Your first monster ally determines what other monster allies can join your team.
  3. Legendary artifact: Legendary weapons and armor, chosen at random. These are usually randomly found in treasure chests, and the random “dice rolls” are done as soon as you start a game.
  4. Apples of Knowledge: These are used to give a character five skill points, which are used to learn abilities using the character’s Skill Trees, such as the one below. You can start the game with ten Apples of Knowledge. 
  5. +100 gold: Start the game with 100 gold pieces.


Check out the Kickstarter Campaign here!

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